October 2017

Qualia Incorporated
(Not “Qualia Inc.”, lazy ones)
International Engineering Company
(Non computer. We are NOT a tech company.)

Due to attention-seeking techorism obsessively killing our website at their will (adding mistakes, screwing up the format, removing pages, changing text, adding buttons, etc), this and page “Note”, about jealousy, are now all to be found here.
Every Child’s Manifesto is NOT for sale online;
it is found in print, in English, solely in the Real World.

The Real World beckons thrive.
Our decades of independent research inform our unsurpassed mechanisms, providing the structures to thrive for those nations and businesses which prove ready, willing and able to do what it takes to make thrive happen.
Qualia Develops Nations … to thrive.

We’ve advised and sold our mechanisms to nearly every leading body in human civilization, providing stabilization for emerging growth.

It’s time for all to thrive.