Jealous parties – including techorism – mutilate our web pages; their supervisors (per se) collude. Our work thrives, regardless.

Jealousy is a reeking form of entitlement in the human species.
It is the jealousor’s way of giving the middle finger to Life and their own potentiality.
It gives way to an incremental personal death of sorts; saying ‘I throw away who and what I am, because I don’t care about me (SDRSAS) and I will strive to steal what could fill me, for I am empty’. They are always unfilled: the dying man in a desert of his own making, who throws away any glass of water handed to him and spends his crawling days trying to knock water glasses out of other travelers’ hands – until he leaves and his forgotten bones bleach in the sun.

You can’t steal yourself into who you are.
When we enter Life, we make a pact with Life and to fulfill that pact restores the weave, the cloth, of humanity – the holes jealousy once left are gone. Jealousy is not the jealousee’s problem – jealousy is fully the jealousor’s remiss. Miss no more, jealousors.

May you learn to thrive.

The world, inside that pact, awaits the good emerging of all.