• They go about their business readily.
  • Professionalism in transaction is the norm, held to in citizenship + honored by guests.
  • Top national administrators are publically seen at many national holidays, events and global celebrations; while remaining accessible to all the nation’s constituents through wholesome, intact-systems structure* – governmental forms of an ‘open door policy’ and ‘walk about management’ plus much more.
  • National governments serve the people of their nation + professionally transact ‘foreign affairs’ with other nations to serve the nation – including the other nations of land, sea and atmosphere.
  • Nations do all they do inside the immutable fact that they serve + transact for the generations of today and every generation thereafter – just as generations before ours attempted to do so.
  • ‘Foreign affairs’ are professionally transacted through wholesome, intact-systems structure*; as are commercial business, legislative feedback loops, ‘safety net’ perimeters as well as opportunities for enjoyment.

Peace occurs before thrive.

It’s time for all to thrive.

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